Installations: Series 1

Summer 2015 : Download Programme



Opening Thursday 7 May, 6-8pm, Studio A

We Knew The World Would Not Be The Same. A Few People Laughed, A Few People Cried, Most People Were Silent.

Tue 5 May – Fri 8 May.

The title of the installation is taken from Robert Oppenheimer’s post-war recollection of the first atomic blast at Alamogordo in the spring of 1945. A confrontation of the scientist’s testimony, a 700kg multi chamber crystal geode and stories of the last days of death row inmates is intended to tackle notions of change, time and contingency. The installation (especially the geode) is to be touched, heard and sensed.



Daily performances at 6:30 and 8:00pm, Studio A

Acts IX – V.

Mon 11 May – Fri 15 May.

Act IX – Owed to (C)ode

Act VIII – Sight Reading (featuring Benji Jeffery, Lucy Warren, Mel Powell and Rose Dagul) Act VII – Owed to the Uncanny

Act VI – Screening

Act V – Finale



Opening Thursday, May 21, 12-6pm & 7-9pm, Studio A

Flatness Conversations With Artists On Sound And Affect In The Visual Arts

Mon 18 May – Fri 22 May

I have invited the following artists to spend the day in the space with me opening out our on-going conversations and overlapping research to the visiting audience. A durational experi-ment rather than a purely visible one, instead of a site-specific display or timed performance, ideas and practices will be rehearsed, tweaked and added to over the course of each day.

Thursday 12-6pm & 7-9pm – Jason Dungan

Friday 12-6pm – Tom Richards and the Daphne Oram archive



Opening Thursday 28 May, 6-8 pm, Studio A

The Neighbourhood Academy Prinzessinnengarten Visits London.

Detailed timing tbc.

During the summer of 2015 the newly established Neighbourhood Academy Prinzessinnengarten will host a discursive program with base in Berlin, Germany. The program will look into questions of connectedness and of urban and rural politics on land, water and neighborhoods. From May 26 to 29 the Open Knowledge Network will host a workshop in London. More details on both the Berlin and London programs will be announced by April 30 on

The Open Knowledge Network 2015 summer program will host workshops, walks and talks with visiting guests such as architect and artist Marjetica Potrč and her class ‘Design for the Living World’, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg; lawyer Paula Z. Segal, 596acres, New York; artists Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom, Copenhagen / Chicago, and architect Mathias Hayden, Berlin.



Opening Thursday 4 June, 6-8pm, Studio A

Latest Research Findings And Progress Report From The Peasant-painter’s Garden.

Tuesday 2 June – Friday 5 June.

This Project centres on the development of a pigment garden for Peasant Painting on an abandoned water catchment system in the arid mountains of the Sierra María Los Vélez, in Andalusia. The demands of painting structures the task, while the research process reconfigures the painting. The question of what painting is expands through its material networks. This dialogic materialism follows lines of colonisation, invasion and co-habitation, on the part of humans, insects, plants and earths. The figure of the peasant is central as she who must be excluded in order to construct modernity and as the stubborn persistence of the non-modern.

During this week I will be presenting paintings along with video and performance. With painting as the start and end point, I will be operating through discordant modes of knowledge, from analytical chemistry, Meso-american códices, through to BBC documentaries and clowning.

I will be working with a clown from Sweden, David ‘Tito’ Carmel, culminating in a performance on Thursday evening. The installation of paintings and videos will be open to the public during the week.



Opening Thursday 11 June, 6-8pm, Studio A


Wed 10 June – Sunday 14 June.

The event in time, video experiments 1-x. Achronological refuge, prototype 2.