Fukushima, Japan, 2014

In July 2014 The Actinium exhibition took place alongside the SIAF2014 Sapporo International Art Festival in Japan. The exhibition present work by  James Acord (USA), Shuji Akagi (J), Chim↑Pom (J), Crowe & Rawlinson (UK/De), Karen Kramer (USA/UK), Cécile Massart (Belgium), Eva & Franco Mattes (USA), Thomson & Craighead (UK/Scotland). Curated by Ele Carpenter in partnership with The Arts Catalyst and S-Air. The project included the Actinium forum and field trips to nuclear sites, bringing  together artists, researchers and activists investigating nuclear culture from the UK and Japan.

The field trip to Fukushima City and Prefecture included artists Jon Thomson, Alison Craighead, Karen Kramer and Susan Schuppli, with Curator Ele Carpenter, Arts Catalyst Director Nicola Triscott, Producer Gillean Dickie, and S-Air Programme Director Kyoko Tachibana. We were guided by artists Shugi Akagi, Kota Takeuchi and Mura from Nomad.