GOLDSMITHS | BA Fine Art 2019

Ruixin Chen

Face casting by “WE” Emotion

* History and material:
Life casting is a historic art technique practiced by several ancient cultures. The process of creating a three-dimensional sculpture of the human face or body, modeled directly from the body or face of a real person, and casting in plaster or others materials. The standout of face casting is perfect detail reduction,the sculpture shows all the fine details of pores and skin textures,and any expression of emotion.

* Whose face and emotion:
“We” - all the facial sculptures here, come from myself and Chinese people who work or study in the UK. Some of them are close friends of mine, and some of them are only one side of the edge to me. All the faces here are between 17 and 30 years old, involved in different fields of study or working in different industries. Each facial cast appears free of expression,but if you can observe the physical apperance carefully: the facial wrinkles, the micro-expression and view from all angle of casting... it reflects a deep emotional reaction. “Face comes from Heart” - a face can reflect their temperament and their state of mind.

* Colour:
Exaggerated colors painting on face casting covering a small part of the “skin texture”,but it creates another emotional connection with you. New research suggests that human face actually change colour to show emotion,even though they may be too faint to register consciously.

Face casting by “WE” Emotion