Already Unmade (2016) is a durational performance by choreographer Andros Zins-Browne. The performance is conceived as a public rehearsal, where Zins-Browne practices the remixing, overlapping, extending and warping of his own repertoire, attempting to ‘unmake’ a personal history of choreography. Interwoven with jokes and stories on notions of speed and progress, Already Unmade reverses the order in which choreography is normally created.  Zins-Browne begins with his own finished, ‘choreographic objects’ and subjects them to ensuing processes where they begin to unravel.

Andros Zins-Browne (b. 1981, New York) is an American choreographer who lives and works in Brussels. His work consists of live and hybrid environments at the intersection between installation, performance and conceptual dance.  Crossing between stage and exhibition spaces, he explores the ways that image, movement and matter interact until they begin to take on each other’s properties. Zins-Browne’s performances have been presented at Centre Pompidou, DeSingel, EMPAC, HAU, ICA London, Kaaitheater, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and the Impulse Festival where he received a Goethe Institute Award for The Host.   His solo Already Unmade, commissioned by the Boghossian Foundation has recently been performed at BOZAR Museum in Brussels, The Whitney Museum in New York City, and The Rockbund Museum, Shanghai.  In 2013, he founded The Great Indoors, an association for artistic research and production.  He is currently an associated artist at Netwerk Kunstcentrum in Aalst, Belgium until 2019.