‘GHOSTS OF NEEN’ [Miltos Manetas; AA2]

Ghosts of Neen: the Animated Cartoon becomes a Citizen

A performance lecture by MILTOS MANETAS

While passing from Art to Postinternet art, the world is now expressed by the creations of Two Different Kinds of Intelligent Entities: people and videogame creatures. The second entity is a mix of us people and of our various videoavatars as we compute the everyday through videogames and social networks.
The same way Lara Croft and SuperMario have always been a mix of the game’s programming and of YOU, the player, your Facebook/Twitter/Blog Persona is you AND the programming-at-large generated at each and every moment by everyone else connected on that platform. Your published snapshots and videos give “IT” a form and whatever you publish on your status give its voice.
It’s life is parallel but independent than yours, as it is very possible that once you are gone IT will be still around, communicating and acting.
That’s not new, Picasso and other cultural avatars went on existing after the expiration of their human counterpart, still, not only they were not existing—or at least not “strongly existing”—during their human counterpart’s life but they also developed quite randomly after their humans death. No fine-tune or interaction or some kind of meticulous “programming” of the plot that the life of our own Avatar will eventually follow was possible until today and in that sense, we exercised our influence on our own art on just one universe: the one that included a single version of ourselves.
Today we can do better…

Thursday 9 June, 17:00–19:00, studio A, Barriedale Building, Goldsmiths