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9–10 May 2016, Goldsmiths

‘Histories’ [AA1]

Some simple questions: What is animation? What was it and what can it come to be? Does it possess one or more histories, and, conversely, does history have animation or animations? The question of history also contains all the other points of excavation that follow in the symposium: ghosts, technologies, infrastructure.

(May 9), 6–9pm, Ian Gulland lecture theatre, Goldsmiths

‘Technologies’ [AA1]

Technologies, of whatever type, broker a link between individuals, collectives and outputs. These might be the technologies of cell animation, stop motion, pixel, print, 3D, or those of the camera, the computer, TV, cinema, book, the tablet, the touchscreen, glasses, colour. But in the encounter with animation, we point also to the technologies of eyes and bodies and ambiences and anything else that contributes to its mediation. What is the work of technologies in mediating animation, and what entanglements does it unleash? If animation is thought through its technologies, what becomes of it?

(May 10), 10–11.30am, Studio A, Barriedale Buildings, Goldsmiths

Session 3: ‘Ghosts'[AA1]

Animation is full of ghosts. It is an exercise of the spirits, giving liveliness to the inanimate, sometimes historically recursive – sometimes projecting into a future, reanimating again and again its stock characters, its gags and tropes and never averse to mobilising magic against the law. Animated ghosts meet contemporary systems of production and projection to raise anew the question of what it means to be animate and be animated.

(May 10), 11.45am–13.15pm, Studio A, Barriedale Buildings, Goldsmiths

‘Infrastructures’ [AA1]

Infrastructures indicate the various matrices within which animation and animated practices take place: machinic production, labour codes, competencies, the economic-political, the Cloud, the cinema, arts and the academy. Is the infrastructure of animation itself animated in various ways – perhaps by ghosts, technologies, histories, or by other things?

(May 10), 14.15–15.45pm, Studio A, Barriedale Buildings, Goldsmiths

[Interim Resume, AA1]

(May 10), 4–5pm, Studio A, Barriedale Buildings, Goldsmiths