‘AI AS AN ACT OF THOUGHT’ [Ramon Amaro, AA9]

Artificial intelligence (AI) research has risen exponentially in the last decade. One of the stated goals of AI is a better understanding of the world around us. As such, an increasingly large proportion of human reality is now lived through algorithms. While our relationship with AI is undoubtedly important as a mode of knowledge production, it has far-reaching implications. Most significant is the disparity between the act of existing/existence — particularly as it relates to differential human states of being (we can think here in terms of the categories of race, gender, sexuality, and so on) — and predominant paradigms of epistemological operation. In this talk, I discuss the domain of AI as an arrangement of axiomatic simplicity that, in its present form, diminishes variant domains of psychological and physical reality. I argue for a return to the problematic of perception, as illustrated in debates between figuration and Black abstract art, to challenge the notion of an a priori analytic. Ultimately, I propose a reorientation of the algorithmic as an ontological imperative which establishes the genesis of the human differential as an act of thought in itself.