Anna Boghiguian


photo © Iniva

Anna Boghiguian (born in 1946) is an artist and writer, trained in visual art, music, economics and political science. Using drawing and painting, her work is influenced by the multidisciplinary experiments that investigate mutual relations between image and sound.

In the late 1960s she composed musical pieces based on the sounds of the city and translated them into paintings. The artist is a constant traveller, and the speed of different cities is an important aspect of her work. Boghiguian studied art and music at the Concordia University in Montreal and political science and economics at the American University in Cairo.

Anna Boghiguian created a new commission for Iniva’s 2013 exhibition Tagore’s Universal Allegories. The work is a multimedia installation called A Play to Play, and is inspired by Tagore’s play The Post Office.