Escapologies 2 OR 3 Symposium

4 – 6 March, 2013

Escapologies 2 OR 3 Symposium presented a 72-hour playlist of visual and audio material, developed from a two-year research group examining temporalities of exit and withdrawal – escapes in, through and against time. Inviting discussion on and around the work, the symposium sought to further test and expand ideas around immersivity, interfacing and temporal diagrams as they have emerged from both on-going research as well as previous strategies in orchestrating the symposium.

Hosted by Manuel Angel, Suzanne Caines, Kyoung Kim, Barbara
Pfenningstorf, Nuno Ramalho, Edgar Schmitz, Linda Stupart and Andy

With contributions and responses from Ed Atkins, Don DeLillo, Steve
Erickson, Pierre Huyghe, John Mullarkey, Sara Roberts, Benedict
Singleton, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams.