Four Curating Architecture seminars took place in 2007. All these seminars were attended by the participants listed below. In addition, one or more guests were invited to attend a seminar to give a presentation on a particular theme. Participants also gave presentations and acted as respondents.

Each seminar is documented on these pages.

Seminar One: 8 March 2007
Guest presentation: Sarah Ichioka on Global Cities
Seminar Two: 31 May 2007
Guest presentation: Iwona Blaswick on the Whitechapel Extension
Seminar Three: 13 September 2007
Guests: Hans Ulrich Obrist; Andrew Benjamin
Seminar Four: 29 November 2007
Guests: Cynthia Davidson, Kayoko Ota, Silke Schatz


Louisa Adam (MFAC student curator)
Yannis Arvanitis (MFAC student curator)
Shumon Basar (tutor, Architectural Association; director of Newbetter)
Stephanie Bertrand (MFAC student curator)
Achim Borhardt-Hume (Curator, Tate Modern)
Celine Condorelli (architect)
Wouter Davidts (architect, lecturer, University of Gent)
Nikolaus Hirsch (architect; unitednationsplaza)
Lisa le Feuvre (curator, National Maritime Museum; lecturer, Curating, Goldsmiths; curator, Curating Architecture)
Suhail Malik (lecturer, Visual Arts Dept, Goldsmiths)
Andrea Phillips (assistant director, Curating, Goldsmiths; director, Curating Architecture)
Miranda Pope (curator; project manager, Curating Architecture)
Peg Rawes (writer, lecturer, Bartlett)
Andrew Renton (director, Curating, Goldsmiths; curator, Curating Architecture)
Edgar Schmitz (artist; tutor, Goldsmiths; curator, Curating Architecture)
Cally Spooner (MFAC student curator).
Nathalie Weadick (deputy director, Architecture Foundation)
Eyal Weizman (architect; director, Research Architecture, Goldsmiths)
Rob Wilson (curator, RIBA) Achim Borhardt-Hume (curator, Tate Modern)
Dorian Wiszniewski (architect, lecturer, Architecture Dept, University of Edinburgh)