Reading Group

The Nuclear Culture Reading Group welcomes students and researchers across all departments at Goldsmiths interested in the contemporary aesthetics and politics of nuclear culture. Participants are encouraged to attend the Nuclear Culture Rountables accompanying the Perpetual Uncertainty exhibition. The next roundtable takes place on Friday 4th May 2018 at the Malmo Konstmuseum, Sweden.

Radiological Deep Time, Goldsmiths University of London, Autumn, 2018. The Reading Group will focus on Radiological Deep Time, as part of the Art Department PhD MARS Mountain of Arts Research programme, with three preparatory sessions on Friday 26 October, 2 November and 23 November, culminating in a day symposium on Firday 30th November. The day will be organised as follows: 10.30-12.30am NCRG Meeting, sharing nuclear research across the visual and performing arts. 2-5pm Seminar on Radiological Deep Time with guest speakers.