Himali Singh Soin

We are estranged from that which we are most familiar.
Leavings, scraps.
Inscribed, decorated or prophesied.
Magician’s faint wishes or unrealized inclinations.
Notes of chords, played in succession.
Various shades of Red.
The pictures were called pictures of the floating world
because of their preoccupation with the pleasures of the moment. That is, indirectly.
Producing happiness.

Only. You (plural).
The Martian does not know the words for cry or laugh.
Nothing (northern dialect).

Five months before his death, Coltrane recorded compositions
named after the planets, on Interstellar Space.
Planets appearing as if stars,
named after Roman gods of love and war, respectively.

Two of the brightest stars.
Hesitating, delaying.
or extinct before it ever lived.
A fossil from the future.

Sudden obstruction by an abnormal particle.
Where we are is everywhere, all of the time.
An artistic movement based on absurdity and accident.

People who predicted the future from the text
in a book opened at random.
Rough edges of pages before they are trimmed. Placed on a diagonal.
The Great Ice Age.
That is, the earth.

That is, pitch black.