CHOREOGRAPHIC is an ongoing series of research productions initiated by Edgar Schmitz in 2016 in the context of the Art Research Programme at Goldsmiths.

Through contributions by invited guests, the events animate  the affordances of choreographic registers for artistic and cultural work. As part of a broader investigation into the status of competencies in a post-skill environment, the series renders the choreographic as a set of language possibilities, procedural matrices and production protocols.

These registers are variously recognised and/or fetishized in institutional practice. The emergence of dramaturgy as professional category within institutional curating attests to this as much as the interest in and circulation of dance and related forms under the conditions of museum displays and collection protocols. The largely consensual inscription of the choreographic into the broader milieu of artistic labour and commodities is one key perspective for the project; debates around practice-based research formats within higher education institutions and their material and discursive supports are another.

Against these backdrops, the CHOREOGRAPHIC series aims to test the extent to which languages of the choreographic (discursive as well as performed) afford us the possibility to re-visit habituated languages of curating, artistic production and display, as they circulate within discussions and self-projections of current modes of practice.

CHOREOGRAPHIC is generously supported by the Art Research Committee, Goldsmiths.