Kazuhiro Goshima, Different Cities (2006, 59’), screening with introduction by Paul Roquet 

How do you find your way through a city constantly changing in form and appearance? Tokyo-based video and media artist Kazuhiro Goshima’s Different Cities explores how it feels to live inside a digital metropolis as easily reshaped as an architect’s 3D model. A dispersed cast of characters wander the streets, attempting to get where they are going even as the contours of their city continuously transform around them. And in a back room somewhere, a man continually fiddles with the design, refusing to let the city assume a stable form. Looking back from the present, as real-time digital monitoring and modulation become woven ever deeper into the structure of urban space, Different Cities offers a striking early vision of a city not so much built as animated – and a sustained look at the complex relationship emerging between the animator/architect at the controls of this highly malleable environment, and the people enclosed within it.